About Us

Test Batch started when North Carolina home chef LOK wanted to make Nashville Hot Chicken biscuits but couldn’t find a hot sauce that brought both heat and good flavor.  After spending a whole summer tasting different hot sauces chef LOK bought a bag of peach ghost peppers from a N.C. farmers market and made his own hot sauce. After a few weeks LOK made a test batch and gave it out to friends.  All of their friends came back and asked for another bottle.  LOK kept testing new recipes and flavors for two years before settling on six recipes all made from local N.C. ingredients.


The result of these two years of experimentation resulted in the Test Batch Hot Sauces you know and love. All our hot sauces are handmade and bottled in Durham, N.C., from local organic and natural ingredients.  As we expand, we hope to maintain our local touch, become a waste free and carbon neutral business.  Thank you for your support.